Christmas 2002

All of these pictures were taken with Jeff's new digital camera - a gift from Shannon. Hopefully this page doesn't take too long to load over a modem. Let me know if there is too much delay for these 10pictures. In the future I may present them differently if this way is too slow.

Updated: 12/27/02 4:58 PM

Shannon and Courtney prepare breakfast Christmas morning. It looks like Courtney is dancing, but she really just turned around from the fridge.

Shannon and her new Tommy Hilfiger sweater from Helen & Lew.

Shannon showing the new sweater from Lisa & Jana.

Jeff models the new (monogrammed) shirt from Mom & Dad.

Jeff & his new sweater from Lisa & Jana. All of my clothes will look better after a shower.

The fireplace after Christmasn morning - the fire is out and the stockings empty.

Jeff got lots of woodworking clamps from Shannon! You can never have too many clamps. The black & orange ones in the corner are a bag of 14 spring clamps of different sizes.

Shannon got a Dremel tool - just like Frank uses on Trading Spaces.

Our house at night. This year we added colored lights along the roof line. The few dark spots are where the lights were blown out of place by the last wind storm.

Shopping on Friday was very productive. We found a good router table & router combo on sale at Sears! This is just the box - I will probably put it together this weekend, then make some sawdust.