Fun Tools

Delta 36-650 contractor's saw. This got some good reviews on the Internet and it seemed to be a good combination of quality, size, and price. (update: the saw now sits on a rolling cabinet - storage and mobility, woohoo!)


The Dewalt DW-705s Compound Miter Saw. Cutting wood has never been this fun. Smooth, clean cuts... perpendicular or at angles.


Craftsman combination router table and router. This routes is nice because it is 2 HP and can accept 1/4 or 1/2 inch shank bits. It is also nice to have one router dedicated to the table, and one for freehand work.


The Jet 6" (JJ-6CSX) jointer arrived today! I also ordered the mobile base, which worked better with a wooden platform. I placed 2x4's inside the frame of the base and then screwed 3/4 plywood to the top. This keeps the jointer a little taller and allows it to sit flat on a wider base for better stability.


Ahhh, the Delta 22-580 13", 2-speed thickness planer. This unit kept getting top reviews and I found a great price at Wood Worker's Supply ( Turns out the item was backordered, so after a little arguing with Lowe's about their price matching policy, I picked this one up locally. This tool make a lot of noise and a good amount of wood shavings. It will need its own rolling cart, but that will have to wait for an open weekend.








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