Cat House

The cats needed a warmer place to sleep and I wanted the shelf on my workbench back. So we threw together some 3/4" plywood into a custom-made cat box.

We sized this to fix on the garage shelving we had, and cut the length and height according to the cats. That was Shannon's first assignment - measure the cats. The lid is removable (for cleaning and installing seasonal bedding) and has two runners that keep it in place. All inside edges (door & window) have been rounded over with the router. Shannon did lots of sanding on the inside to make sure it was splinter-free. Future improvements may include a taller door and covering the top with indoor/outdoor carpet for summer time lounging.

The workmanship on this project is quite lacking. Mostly because we did not make any detailed plans and rushed to get it done in one short afternoon. Mostly a measure once, cut once mode of operation. The free-hand cutting with the jig saw made me want to get a new jig saw. I now have my eye on a Milwaukee 6266-22 model. Hopefully I will be adding that to the tool page soon.

Page Last Updated: August 6, 2003 11:58 PM