Rolling Cart

I got the plans for this cart on the web (for free!) at AmericanWoodworker. I modifed the plans a little by making the cart an inch or two taller, and using fixed wheels on one end. This requires less bending over and helps keep the cart stable when using a tool on top of it. This was my first "real" project and for a simple cart, it took an amazingly long three days.

Day 1 was buying all of the wood and suppies. This cart only takes one sheet of plywood, 4 wheels, screws, nails, and a little glue. But when you are just getting started, there is a lot to buy.

Day 2 was learning how to cut a huge sheet of plywood into manageable bits. First I had to make a circular saw guide so I could make a 4-foot cut that was straight and right where I wanted it. Somehow I still managed to make one crooked cut. Next time I'll measure twice.

Day 3 was final assembly and test driving.

Overall I am satisfied with the outcome, but I may make another and try to do better. The cart looks good from about 4+ feet away, but as you look closer you can see the edges that don't quite line up, or the nails that were shot at odd angles. I won't say exactly how many hours I spent on version 1.0, but I am sure 2.0 will be much quicker.




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